My Sunday Photo | Ice Lolly Season

Two little girls as they sit down contentedly in the warm heat of the glorious Spring sunshine, merrily eating up their yummy ice lollies, which are of course, just what the doctor ordered after a long and hard day at…

My Sunday Photo | Beautiful Spring

Today I’ve decided to share a little snap I took in the week, as I returned from a beautiful Spring morning, school run. I seriously wonder what the other mums and dads must think of me as I dawdle along the…


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On here, you'll generally find me whittling on about my home style, our day trips & travels and the general daily mayhem of raising two little girls! Oh, and obviously anything that's caught my eye in the shops recently, too!



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My Sunday Photo | Hypnotised

Here is today’s Sunday Photo! Not such great quality I’m afraid, but I’ve entered it for the moment which I caught on camera. Last weekend, instead of jumping out of bed to quickly gets kids up and dressed for things…

My Sunday Photo | Beach Huts in the Maldives

This picture was taken on a very special holiday back in 2009, as for our honeymoon, we flew to the beautiful islands of the Maldives to spend an idyllic 12 nights in pure paradise. It wasn’t one of the more extravagant…

My Sunday Photo | Idyllic Atolls

It’s been absolutely ages since I last joined up with My Sunday Photo, so I thought it was high time to start it up again. This is a bit of a journey back in time for me, not all that long…


My Sunday Photo | Bees

Today for My Sunday Photo I’m afraid I’ve been experimenting. For Christmas I got a 50mm lens for my camera, but since then, unfortunately i’ve really not found much time to practise using the thing! Which is why this picture is…

My Sunday Photo | Cheetah

It’s the weekend once again so it’s time for another instalment of My Sunday Photo. I’m afraid it’s another from the fabulous Safari we went on back in December 2013, but we just have so many fond memories of that experience…

My Captured Moment – Woodland Walk

My Captured Moment today was taken whilst on an impromptu, but beautiful woodland walk in some woods nearby to our house. I love just suddenly deciding to chuck on your shoes, or your wellies, depending on the day, and going out;…

#MySundayPhoto – Tintagel, Cornwall

My Sunday Photo today was taken at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall. Holly was only five months old and it was the first ‘family’ holiday that we took together. Like I say, we only nipped across to Cornwall for a few nights in…

My Sunday Photo | A Turkish Delight

Today’s addition to the fabulous ‘My Sunday Photo’ series from OneDad3Girls is once again a sunset capture. You know me – I just adore any photos of sunsets. This one was taken in Olu Deniz, while we were on our Holiday to…

My Sunday Photo | 3 May 15

My Sunday Photo today was taken in South Africa. The beautiful Agapanthus flowers line the roads like wildflowers over in Stellenbosch, making for driving a much prettier experience with the vast and ever flowing sea of bright purple-blue colours.

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