Bowling with the kids

No… I mean like literally……. bowling over the kids!!!!!

This is what my silly husband decided would be a good idea to do this weekend!!

(Unfortunately I have no piccies but if it happens again I will take photographic evidence!!)

It all started on Sunday as I was outside hanging out the washing (again!).

H had obviously decided that the small balls dotted around the garden were not adequate enough in size to play with anymore so she’d gone and fetched my large red fitness ball (ha – she scoffs!!) out of the garage and proceeds to bounce it down the steps and into the garden – which by the way is not that large!!

So, there she is, playing happily just rolling around on this huge ball in the middle of the garden, with E stumbling around beside her, when Mr B decides he wants a piece of the action too.

And why H said…

‘Daddy, lets’ play catch’

…… I will never know!

So, being the loving, obliging father that he is – he played catch!!

Gleefully launching the great ball up into the sky only to watch and laugh (kids included and much to the annoyance of mummy!!) as it landed all over the newly planted flowerbed and squashed the flowers, on top of the washing line full of clean laundry and on a couple of occasions it looked scarily close to bouncing over our fence and into the road beyond!

I told him off as if he were a four year old!

But also as if he were a four year old, – he didn’t listen.

Instead, he stopped playing catch and decided upon a new game instead.

Bowls or skittles!

Only with H and poor little E as the pins!!!

He grabbed the giant ball and happily bowled it toward H as she started screaming and running away from it as fast as her little legs could carry her – luckily – all the while in fits of hysterical laughter as she went.


Holly fell sideways over onto the ground. Again, full of giggles, she quickly got up and ran away again.

This time he bowled it at E. Unfortunately as she is only one, she was slightly less quick when it came to trying to run away!!


Down she went.

I know – this sounds awful – and I can honestly say I was not best pleased with Mr B for this game so told him off once more, but up little E stood, with a wide beaming grin on her face and persisted to run back after the ball.

So this is how it carried on for a short while in the back of our little garden.

Mr B rolling a large inflated ball around over the garden and knocking down two giggling girls in the process.

He wasn’t doing it to hurt them, so was only really quite gentle, it was just that because of the sheer size of the ball, it just knocked them off balance slightly so they toppled onto the soft grass below them.

They were all in stitches and loving it!

Again daddy, again! H shouted.

All came to a halt in the end though, not because of tears or tantrums in this instance as it usually is, but because Mr B was rather puffed out (a bit like Daddy Pig in Peppa Pig if you’ve seen it), so the ball was begrudgingly put back in the garage, all safe and sound until the next installment of Kids Bowling!!


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