What I am doing now – A meme

Well, as I found out last night it appears that the super duper You Baby Me Mummy  has tagged me in the ‘What I’m doing now’ meme.

I sort of had to look up quickly what a ‘meme’ was – and to be honest – I’m still none the wiser (as internet searching left handed whilst rocking an unhappy 1 year old is tricky), but I’m going with it anyway ’cause it looks like so much fun!!

I know the other ‘nominate’ type things have been doing the rounds lately – but this one appears to be fabulous, harmless fun where we each get a sneaky peek into the very normal, everyday of our Twitter friends lives.

Like I said above – I was up a bit through the night with a poorly bubba – but as soon as saw the @youbabymemummy post on Twitter – I quickly scribbled down a few notes – just so I can be as true as possible to the ‘now’ part of the meme!!

So let me think a moment…..here is my ‘What I am doing now’….


General gossip magazines and Real Homes for interior decor inspiration, ready for when we renovate!


Listening To…

Bill Compton woo Suki Stackhouse in True Blood Season 1 – I am very behind the times!!

Laughing At…

I had to laugh this morning when H told me she was put on the ‘time out’ table yesterday lunchtime at nursery to eat her lunch.  At first I was like,

H – what did you do?

….all serious as if we might need to have a ‘little chat’ about something, when she turned around and told me she was laughing too much!!  I asked why, so she told me her friend Tom kept singing silly words to a song instead of the real ones, and it kept making her laugh!!

So I giggled along with her and said that I didn’t mind as long as she wasn’t being naughty or nasty to anyone!

Like mother like daughter I thought!!

I will await the the school reports to tell me exactly the same thing!!

Swooning Over….

Wentworth Miller.

Again, yes – I am about 5 years late to the party (and more than double that number too old (and female!) for him) – but am super loving Prison Break at the moment!!  I just want to nip through the big TV screen and give him a great big cuddle every time he cries on screen!!



A new Centerparcs holiday after the other one went a bit wrong this weekend!  It really does look like too good a place to not experience the whole thing!

The other thing I’m planning – well, thinking about, is a home renovation project – but I don’t really know where to start – hence the Real Homes magazine!!

Eating Lots Of….

Food in general!!!  You name it – I’ll eat it!

Though today has mostly been about grabbing a handful of Haribo Pico-balla each time I enter or leave the kitchen!!  These sweets are amazing – but supposedly they can only be found in Berlin!!  Ok – so maybe Europe, so if you spot them here anywhere…

1.  Try them for yourselves, and

2.  Let me know where I can get them in this country



pooped; wiped; bushed; tired; exhausted; knackered – you get the picture!!

Its been a pretty eventful week for all the wrong reasons!!


more and more about the wonderful world of blogging and meeting and chatting with new, friendly and interesting people on a daily basis!!

I’m loving it!!


An old bridesmaid t-shirt and some comfy jogging bottoms as I’m looking after E at home while she’s poorly.


well, I cheated – I had a microwave meal for one as I was a golf widow again!! Had a Kashmiri Chicken Korma from the Sainsburys Taste the Difference range – it’s soooo yummy!!  And only 7 minutes to wait until you can gobble it all up!!


What the flipping heck this rash is all over poor E’s body??!!

And literally (within these last minutes) now wondering what to take to our new Centerparcs holiday in two weeks which we’ve just booked!!!  Hooray!!

Trying Out….

A whole concoction of different lotions, potions, creams and medicines to treat my poorly baby!

So that was me and what I was doing. How about you Jess of Mummy to Toddler Twins and Mrs H at Mrs H’s Favourite Things, your turn!!




  1. 10th July 2014 / 8:47 pm

    Hi hun, great post! Love your choice of magazines too! Fab! Will be joining in as soon as possible…! x

    • 10th July 2014 / 9:06 pm

      Woohoo! Gotta keep up with the real world!! Ha ha!! Can’t wait to read yours X

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