Weekly Photo Roundup | 9th February 15

Another look at what we’ve been up to this last week, in our lovely little world of chaos and general mayhem…

Yes – it’s Weekly Photo Roundup time!

Weekly Photo Roundup

1. The other morning – whilst I was getting ready for work – I asked the girls if they could play nicely together while I just finished getting dressed.  Two minutes later and as I looked over, I saw that they’d both sat down beside one another in my favourite chair, and Holly was reading Ella a story.  They both looked so lovely all curled up next to each another.

2. Twinings Cranberry & Raspberry fruit tea.  Trying to cut down on my milk intake (I drink A LOT of tea!!)

3. Another rare scene of serenity in our household this weekend – when we found them both playing nicely together in Holly’s room with all the Happyland people.

4. This was Little E when we had a covering of snow at the beginning of the week!  She was very excited to be out in it – even if it was only for a short while, whilst I loaded up the car to take them to Grandmas for the day.

5. I bought these cute ‘Little Growers’ packs this week. I plan to do it as an activity with the girls this week.  I can’t wait!!

6. Holly the another night having fun and playing in her bath bubbles!

7.  We had a fabulous roast pork dinner with our friends at the weekend – but what roast dinner is complete without wine!!!  Especially when it’s been decanted into a rather posh carafe!!!

8.  H looking longingly out of her bedroom window, at the murky skies outside.  Just the very moment where I thought it would be great idea to go and attack our fabulous Weekend Box craft activities. (Review out this week!)

9.  It seems I was having a bit of a Pat Butcher moment the other day!  Both girls sporting their finest leopard print dresses, and I even was wearing my matching scarf to boot!

*admits to secret love of animal print*

What have you been up to?  Anything interesting?



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