It’s been fun…. but it’s time to face reality :(

I’ve been a stay at home mummy since January/February of last year.

Happy 1st Birthday Ella Rose – her birth story

I can’t quite believe that it was a year ago today that I was a big bag of nerves as hubbie drove me to the hospital to welcome our new bundle of joy into the world. I was so apprehensive…


I'm Steph

A lifestyle blogger with a passion for my family, our home & the travels and adventures we share together.

On here, you'll generally find me whittling on about my home style, our day trips & travels and the general daily mayhem of raising two little girls! Oh, and obviously anything that's caught my eye in the shops recently, too!



Daylight savings

More like sanity saving!! I cannot wait for March 30th. I don’t usually like to wish away the days and hours, as they are just so precious (and actually this sometimes reduces me to tears to think how fast they…

Family Frolics – March

“The sun has got his hat on… Hip, hip, hip, hooray” Actually I thought it was a good idea this weekend to change the words to this song ever so slightly and teach Holly to sing it to Daddy….. (Holly…

Spot the difference…. (just for fun!)

Who doesn’t love a game of Spot the Difference!? So lets play a little game of our own shall we….. Though as the title suggests….it’s just for fun. Here are two photographs of my youngest daughters nursery.   Have a…


Happy World Book Day everybody!

 You’re never too young to read a book!!! Yesterday H returned home from nursery with her £1 book token.  Any child in full time education should receive one of these this week.  It allows each and every child either £1 off…

Sobering wake up call

What a day! You know generally I believe I’m a good, (although only human!) careful, and sometimes overly cautious mummy, with always the best intentions for my two very loved and precious girls. I’m always the one in the family…

Come again?!?!?!

Has anyone ever heard of or come across a children’s/toddlers TV programme called ‘Zack and Quack’? No? Well, I hadn’t done either. So please imagine my surprise last week, when my three year old comes dancing merrily past me in…

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