{ The Ordinary Moments 14 } #38

On this ordinary Sunday morning the sky was overcast, the air was as cold as I think its been so far this autumn and it was just a typical day to snuggle somewhere on a sofa. But no, we decided it was…

Blogging: The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly!

(Ok – so far I’ve not really found anything bad, but if I do, I promise to update this post and report back immediately!) Ok, so let’s start with… The Good Back in December of last year, there is no…


I'm Steph

A lifestyle blogger with a passion for my family, our home & the travels and adventures we share together.

On here, you'll generally find me whittling on about my home style, our day trips & travels and the general daily mayhem of raising two little girls! Oh, and obviously anything that's caught my eye in the shops recently, too!



Family Frolics – August 2014

It’s been a wee while since I’ve dedicated a post purely to what we’ve been up to as a little family lately, so I thought it was high time for another. Another lttle glimpse into the life of midlife mummy!

When optimism turns to embarrassment!!!

This was the cry, (well, my Tweet) for help I posted yesterday……..     No – nobody responded and I felt very alone and scared. Well, actually, I was laughing….lots. But with that edge of panic to it also! It would be embarrassing…

M is for….. Mummy

My Mummy! It far too often goes unsaid, but I love my mum with all my heart! And far too often I take her for granted too.


Things that go bump in the night

You’re on your own in the house, its dark outside, with a flickering streetlight and the wind howling through the trees. You know your husband’s not due to return home for another couple of hours. You’re sat watching TV quite…

What I am doing now – A meme

Well, as I found out last night it appears that the super duper You Baby Me Mummy  has tagged me in the ‘What I’m doing now’ meme. I sort of had to look up quickly what a ‘meme’ was – and…

Alphabet Project – I is for illegal!!

Ok, ok – I told a bit of a porkie pie – so it wasn’t technically  illegal as we bought the ticket on H’s behalf at the horse races but it was Little H who picked the horse, so without…

H is for Hands!!

Brown hands to be exact!! The letter H could not have been more fitting for my first time linking up with PODcast Dove and the amazing Alphabet Project #alphabetproject This is a picture of me yesterday! I’d been rummaging madly…

If you go down to the woods today….

  So, after my rather disastrous Saturday (read here how I had just had enough and needed to send the whole family off for a couple of hours peace!), things seemed to perk up a bit on the Sunday morning.

Six months and still going…..

Hurrah – I’ve managed to keep this jumbled little blog of mine going for about six whole months now!! My little diary….. about my little life. And all the fun, laughter and tears that go along and make it into…

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